CAS 4485-12-5 Lithium Stearate Powder

Lithium steelrate is a white powdered chemical compound having the chemical composition LiC18H35O2.
Important: In addition to lithium stearate we also can provide lithium 12-hydroxy-stearate.
Properties of Lithium Stearate
Lithium steelrate is a white powdered chemical compound having the chemical composition LiC18H35O2.
Lithium stearate density: 1.025g /cm3.
Lithium steel melting point: 220.-221.5
Both at room temperature, and when under pressure.
Lithium steelate solubility : only slightly soluble with water. For ethanol, it is 0.09g/ 100mL for water and 0.04g/100ml for ethanol. The strong acid will cause decomposition to stearic Acid and the related lithium salts. Insoluble when ethylacetate is used and mineral oils. Mineral oils may contain colloids.

Lithium Stearate, also known as soap (a sodium salt of fatty oils), is a white liquid that is prepared from lithium hydroxide reacting with stearic Acid.
Tithium stearate (and lithium 12hydroxy-stearate) are lithium soaps, which make up lithium grease.

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Parameters Lithium Stearate

Appearance Lithium oxide content(in dry), % Free Acid, % Loss of drying. % Fineness, % Results white fine powder 5.3~5.6 ≤0.20 ≤1.0 325 mesh ≥99.0

How are Lithium Stearates made?

Method 1,

10g of stearic was then dispersed in 100mL 95%ethanol and titrated by 0.5mol/L ethanol. If lithium hydroxide is not fully dissolved, you can add water to get it completely dissolved. Phenolphthalein, a marker was used. To determine if the reaction was at the equivalence level, it was possible to extract the precipitated liquid lithium stearate soap and filter out the crude product with 95%ethanol.

Method 2,

Lithium Stearate Usages:

The use of lithium stearate for PVC heat stability can make transparent products more transparent.
Non-toxic, barium and lead soaps. For lithium stearate-grease.

Packing & Shipping for Lithium Stearate Powder
You can choose from many kinds of packaging depending on how much Lithium Stearate is in your order.
Lithium Stearate Packing: 20kg/bag.
Lithium Stearate Pudding Shipping: Could be shipped via sea, air and express once payment receipt has been paid.


LiC18H35O2 N/A Appearance white powder Melting Point 221

Boiling Point

N/A Density 1.025 g/cm3 Solubility H2O

is somewhat soluble into water

Exact N/A

Safety & Health Information

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A

Safety Declarations

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