Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Powder

Fumed aluminium can be used to act as a flow aid or anti-adhesion in PET film. It is also a good choice for light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
Purity: >=98%
Fumed Aluminum Oxide and Fumed Alumina:
Alumina (aluminium dioxide) is a sort of inorganic substance with the chemical formula of Al2O3. This is a high-hardness compound. It is white insoluble in liquid water, tastes and odorless, hard to absorb moisture, does not disintegrate, and it can be easily absorbed by other substances.

Fumedalumina is a pyrolytic metal-oxides analog.

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Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide performance:
High surface specificity and high purity
Low packing density.
Cymbals are extremely fine in particle size with good dispersibility.
Positive surface charge

Parameter Technical of FumedAlumina Fumed Iron Oxide:

    Short Name Specific Area α crystal type Fumed Alumina Al2O3 98% 100±15 m2/g 7-12% ≥ 3.9%

Fumed Allumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide

It is found in lithium battery diaphragms material, which improves high temperature resistance.
It can be used in photocopier and powder coatings to improve the fluidity and charge rates of inks.
It’s used in many types of thermal insulation panels with high temperatures.
Electret masterbatch using meltblown material in order to enhance charge adsorption.
An application of a coating with phosphor to light industry products can increase the brightness, decrease light attenuation, and lower the UV radiation.
Its ultrafine features can be used in order to increase gloss and printability.

Packing & Shipping Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide
We offer many packing options that are dependent on Fumed Alcohol quantity.
Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide packing: 10kg/bag.
FumedAlumina Fumed Aluminium Oxide shipping may be sent out by Sea, Air, or Express as soon after receipt of payment.

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