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Magnesium Granules, a white-colored light alkaline metal earth metal, is silvery-white. It has a chemically active property and is capable of reacting with acids to produce hydrogen. It exhibits heat dissipation and ductility.
Purity: 99.95%

Pebble Size: 4x4mm


Magnesium Granules MG Granules


Magnesium Granules Silvery-White Metal (hexagonal). The melting temperature is 648.5. The boiling point at 1107 degrees Celsius. Relative density 1_74. Solvable in inorganic acid, ammonium sodium salts, insoluble cold water and chromic anhydride. Magnesium hydroxide is formed when it’s heated. The luster of magnesium Granules does not diminish in dry conditions, however, it will begin to oxidize and form gray oxide films when they are exposed to moisture. While the block will remain stable at room temperatures, you should be careful with handling. High temperatures can cause blocks to be oxidized and combustible. Therefore heat treatment must be performed under the protection and control of sulfur dioxide or sulfur trifluoride. Cataniadagiocare has been a reliable global partner.

Magnesium Granules Magnesium Granules

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Magnesium Granules


Magnesium Granules Magnesium Granules Performance Mg Granules

Magnesium Granules can be made using high-purity 99.95% magnesium ingots. This shape has excellent fluidity and is spherical. Magnesium grains have high chemical activity and a strong affinity with oxygen. You can use them to remove metals, such as zirconium (uranium), uranium, and titanium.

Technical Parameter Magnesium Granules (Mg Granules):

Product name MF Purity Particle Size Bulk Density Melting Point The color of the sky
Magnesium Granules Mg 99.95% 4 * 4mm 1.74 g/cm3 648.8 Silver White

It is simple.

Magnesium Granules Master Granules


This is how magnesium Granules are prepared:

Method of milling: The magnesium ingot is milled into the needed Granules size. After screening and grading the products, there are several steps.

Method of salting: This is used to create granular magnesium dust.

Method of non-salt coating: This is also used to make granular magnesia powder.


Magnesium Granules mg Granules


You can use Magnesium Granules to create fireworks or signal flares.

Magnesium Granules are used in reducing, flash, or lead-alloy, as well as purification and metallurgy.

Magnesium Granules may be used for dehydrating organic synthesis agents or to make magnesium from magnesium powder. This is especially true in the recent years. In recent years, magnesium powder has been more popular in the spraying and anticorrosion industries.

Store Magnesium Granules in Mg Granules

Magnesium Mg granules Mg should be kept dry in vacuum packaging. The niobium caride must not be exposed.

Shipping Magnesium Granules MG Granules:

Many types of packing are available depending on the amount magnesium granules mg granules.

Magnesium powder Mg granules packaging:

vacuum packing, 1kg/bag, 10kg/bag, or as your request.

Shipping of Magnesium Mg Granules

After receipt of payment, items may be sent out either by sea or air.

Magnesium Granules Properties

Other Titles
Mg granules


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight


Melting Point

Boiling Point

1738 kg/m3

Solubility of H2O

Electrical Resistivity
4.45 microhm-cm @ 20 degC

Poisson’s Rate

Tensile strength

Thermo Conductivity
1.56 W/cm/K @ 289.2 K

Thermal Expansion
(25 degC) 24.8 um*m




Vickers Hardness

Young’s Module
45 GPa

Magnesium Granules Safety & Health Information

Signal word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety statements

Transport Information
UN 1869 4.1/ PG III

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