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Nano Zirconium Dioxide, Powder ZrO2 Nanoparticles features high hardness and resistance to chemical corrosion.
About Nano Nano Zirconium Dioxide Powder ZrO2 Nanoparticles:
You can use nano zirconia to produce solid battery electrodes.

Nano ZrO2 Dispersion Liquid is a form of dispersed uniform nano zirconia hydrochloric slurry.

Superfine ZrO2 exhibits strong chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures, and high thermal shock. Its conductive properties can be used to produce electrodes in the solid-battery by doping it with various elements.

Zirconium Hydroxide  

Nano Zirconium Hydroxide can be described as a white powdered solid that is insoluble when mixed with alkali or water.

In electroplating, color, dye and glass filler applications, nanometer zirconium is used widely.

Technical Parameter – Nano Zirconium dioxide powder ZrO2 Nanoparticles

Item number Appearance Average Particle Size (nm). ZrO2 % Y2O3 % Specific surface area (m2/g Programs TR-R10 white dust monoclinic 10-20 99.9 0 30-60

Catalyst. Functional coating

TR-R30 white dust Monoclinic 30 99.9 0 20-40 Coatings, Ceramics, Catalysts, Refractory Materials TR-R50 white dust monoclinic 50 99.9 0 10-30 Anti-corrosion coating

, High Temperature Coating, Artificial Gems

TR-R80 white dust Monoclinic 80 99.9 0 10-25 Electron materials, Polishing and Ceramics TR-R30Y3 white dust square 30 94.7 3mol 15-25 Structural, thermal barrier, spray-coated ceramic knives, ceramic knife TR-R50Y3 white dust square 50 94.7 3mol 5-15

Web design for structural ceramics. Thermal barrier coatings. Spray coatings. Keratin knives.

TR-R30Y5 white dust square 30 91.5 5mol 15-25

Product information, structural and functional ceramics. O2 sensors

TR-R50Y5 white dust square 50 91.5 5mol 5-15

Ceramics , Functional Ceramics , Bioceramics

TR-R30Y8 white dust cube 30 86.5 8mol 30-40 Oxygen sensors. Fuel Cells. Functional Ceramics TR-R50Y8 white dust cube 50 86.5 8mol 20-30 Oxygen sensors. fuel cells. Functional ceramics TR-R80Y3R Granulation powder square 50-100um 94.7 3mol — Dental ceramics, medical bioceramics

Nano Zirconium Dioxide, Powder ZrO2 Nanoparticles Applications:

1, is suitable for use in the manufacture of wear-resistant materials: drawing, extrusion and mill dies.

2, grinding materials, polishing materials.

3, Refractory Materials: , glass, melted metal, metallic metal refractory. Zirconium tube.

4-catalyst for automobile exhaust purification catalyst: good specific surface area.

5, Oxid fuel cell modification and battery material: Excellent oxygen ion conductivity, mechanical properties, stability in REDOX atmospheric.

6. Paint, coating, or functional coating: For heat insulation.

7, artificial gems, zirconia crafts, smart bracelet.

8, structural ceramics strengthening with nano zirconia. This is a way to increase the strength of ceramics as well as their brittleness.

9. Dental ceramics with Nano Zirconia: High transparency, good permeability. To make teeth white, shiny, bright and hard.

10. Use nano zirconia for your batteries.

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Nano Zirconium Dioxide Powder ZrO2 Nanoparticles Properties

Nano Zirconia 1314-23-4 N/A

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N/A Appearance white powder Melting Point N/A

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N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact N/A

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