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White powder that contains Nano Silicon Dioxide, SiO2 and Nanoparticles. It has high chemical stability. It is small-particle size with many micropores. Large specific surface area and high hydroxyl levels.
About Nano Silicon Dioxide Powder SiO2 Nanoparticles:
One of the most versatile applications of Nano Silicon Dioxide SIO2 Nanosilica is its white powder.

You can improve your material’s properties by using nano silica.

You can use Nano Silicon Dioxide SIO2 Nano-silica to increase coating adhesion, weather resistance, durability, hardness, toughness or elasticity. Also, you have the option of improving the coatings self-cleaning ability, water resistance, seepage resistance, wear resistance, color retention and waterproofing.

Technical Parameter for Nanosilicon Dioxide Puffer SiO2 Nanoparticles

Item # Appearance Table Size (nm). Purity(%) Specific surface area (m2/g Apps and Properties TR-SP15 white powder 15 99.8 250±30 3-6 High content, small particles, great transparency, big specific surface, excellent coverage TR-SP30 white powder 30 99.5 150±30 7-8 Low dispersion, excellent stability, and high thixotropy. TR-SP50 white powder 50 99.5 50±30 7-8 Low dispersion, excellent stability, and high thixotropy. TR-SP30S oleophilic white powder 30 99.5 150±30 – Oleophilic: Used for coating, plastics, rubber, inks, etc. Reinforcing and toughening


TR/SP30H hydrophilic white powder 30 99.5 150±30 7-8

Excellent dispersion of water in , widely used in papers, coatings, and latex.

TRSP30G hydrophobic white powder 30 99.5 150±30 5-7

Hydrophobic – used to coating, plastic rubber, ink and other materials.

TRSP30F – Textile use white powder 30 99.5 150±30 7-8 Great for strengthening, size and wear-resistant

Application of – Nano Silicon Dioxide Pulsed SiO2 Naparticles:

Silicon Dioxide SiO2 Nanosilica is widely used in Silicon rubber and building sealants, coatings electronics and power, medical and pharmaceutical materials resin processing pesticides and other industries.

1. This can be used to make rubber products. By mixing nanosilica reinforcingfiller with silica, the microcrystalline core of the crystals is created. This raises the physical cross-linking level and increases the likelihood for crystallization. A nano-silica resin can improve rubber’s durability.

2. Used in epoxy resin, it improves the tensile, impact and thermal strength. It also maintains transparency.

3. This can be used to coats.

4. It is used in slurry as an additive.

This aqueous solution of nano silica is suitable for use in coatings as well textiles, refractory and ceramic materials, ceramics catalyst carriers, electronics, surface treatments, paper making, polishing wear resistant, fertilizer or other applications.

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Nano Silicon Dioxide Powder SiO2 Nanoparticles Properties

Nano-silica, Nano Silicon Dioxide N/A N/A

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N/A Appearance white powder Melting Point N/A

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N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact N/A

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