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TRDN-1 acts as a molecular filter to extract NOx from the exhaust gases in DSL vehicle.
About TRDN-1 The Molecular Sive Catalyst and Denitration of Exhaust gases of DSL Vehicles

TRDN-1 is the new molecularsieve designed to eliminate NOx and exhaust gas from DSL devices.
It has a stable structure with excellent activity. It is capable of maintaining high activity and stability even in extreme hydrothermal treatments conditions (700, 800). It is more effective than the previous diesel vehicle exhaust catalyst and has a greater catalytic efficiency. It is compatible with dsl vehicles emission catalyst carriers.

Cataniadagiocare can be trusted worldwide as a supplier of TRDN-1 Molecular Sieve Catalysts to Denitration Emission Gas of DSL Vehicles.

Technical Parameter TRDN-1 Molecular Sieve Catalysts for Denitration in Exhaust of DSL Cars:

Si/Al Ratio 6-12 BET Surface Area ≥400m2/g NO Low Temperature Conversion Rate ≥70% NO Conversion in Medium or High Temperature ≥90% HTML2 Selecivity ≥95%

HTML3_ TRDN-1 Modular Sieve Catalysts for the Denitration and Exhaust gases of DSL vehicles:

TRDN-1 Molecular Sieve has high quality and stability. Also, it is adjustable in acidity.

Great NOx reduction activity in low temperatures, high hydrothermal stability and high temperature;

High airspeed resistance; HCs toxicity resist.

Applications of TRDN-1 Molecular Sieve Catalysts for Denitration Exhaust gases of DSL Cars:

TRDN-1 is the new silicon aluminum molecularsieve.
The Packing and Shipping of TRDN-1, Molecular Sive Catalysts for Denitration in Exhaust of DSL Vehicles


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