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Our latest development is molecularsieve for volatile organic compounds, which we developed as a special molecular sieve. It is solvent-resistant and organophilic so it can be used to adsorb and separate VOCs from the industrial environment.
About Molecular Sieve VOCs
Our latest development is the Molecular sieve For VOCs, which uses an innovative molecular Sieve technology to adsorb volatile organic compound (VOCs).

It is hydrophobic but also organophilic. It is suitable for the extraction and separation VOCs of industrial exhaust gas.

It offers good thermal stability and thermothermal stability. ).

It created medium-sized, three-dimensional microporous channels. This allows for the absorption of very small or medium molecular VOCs.

Cataniadagiocare is a trusted supplier worldwide of Molecular Sieve for CO2.

Technical Parameter Molecular Sieve For VOCs:

Parameter SiO2/Al2O3 – ≥ 500 BET Specific Area m2/g 300-400 Bulk Density g/ml ≥ 0.8 N-hexane Adsorption % ≥ 12

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