A chemical formula for sodium thiosulfate Pentahydrate, which is an inorganic material with the chemical name Na2S2O3*5H2O.
You can find sodium thiosulfate in Na2S2O2 monoclinic colorless crystals. They are odorless, have a cool and bitter flavor.
Description of Sodium thiosulfate Na2S2O23
Sodium thiosulfate-pentahydrate (also known as sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate) is an organic compound with the chemical structure of Na2S2O35H2O.
Monoclinic colorless sodium thiosulfate N2S2O3 crystal is odorless. The taste is cool and bitter. The specific gravity is 1.72, when heated to 100.
Solventible in water; insoluble when diluted with alcohol.
You can easily weather sodiumthiosulfate N2S2O3 in dry air over 33, and it will deliquescent in humid.

Parameters Technical of Sodium thiosulfate. Na2S2O2

Appearance Na2S2O3•5H2O Insolubles Water Na2S FeHeavy Metals pH (200g/L) Standard White crystallin ≥99.0 ≤0.01 ≤0.001% ≤0.001% 6.5-9.5      

The product characteristics of Sodium thiosulfate
1. It is strong in reducibility and can lower the levels of chlorine and other substances.
2. It has strong complexation capabilities and is capable of forming complexes with silverbromide.
3. As a source of sulfur supplementation, you could use sodiumthiosulfate.

Cautions for Sodium thiosulfate
1. This product does not contain any toxic chemicals, is harmless and biodegradable. It cannot be eaten.
2. Get rid of it as soon as possible.
3. It is important to consult a physician immediately if there are any allergic reactions in the affected area.

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