Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Powder VAE Powder

Appearance – White powder
N.W. : 25 kg/bag
Uses of redispersible plastic powder
Improve flow properties
Flexural strength increases
Water absorption by material is reduced
Concrete accelerator product introduction
Dispersible plastic powder (RDP, VAE)is an white powdery material that’s commonly used to modify mortars made of cement-based or Gypsum-based materials.
Acetate ethylene redispersible dust may be rapidly redispersed into an oil after mixing with water. This film can act as a modified cement mortar emulsion. This film offers high flexibility, weather resistance, resistance to abrasions, and excellent adhesion on a range of substrates.

Reusable polymer powders for

Can improve construction performance with redispersible Polymer Powder

Reversible polymer powdercan enhance flow performance; increase temperature and resist sag.

Reversible polymer powdercan enhance cohesion; open time can be extended; and increase water retention.

The effects of VAE Redispersible plastic powdercan after mortar has been baked

Increase tensile strengths, increase bending force; improve deformability; raise material compactness and wear resistance; increase the material’s cohesive strength; cut carbonization depth; lessen material water absorption.

Parameters redispersible plastic powder VAE powder

Parameters Appearance White powder ≥98.0 Ash(wt%) 10±2% Bulk density(g/L) 300-500 325 6-8 Lowest temperature for film formation 0~5

Packaging and storage Redispersible plastic powder

Redispersible Polymer Powder should be stored at room temperature. Redispersible polymer powder should be used for at least six months.

Please do not use when it is summer.

A hot, humid environment may increase the likelihood of agglomeration.

Please remember to use the edispersible flour immediately after opening the bag.

Bag with a 25kg/bag paper-plastic compound bottom valve.

Packaging could be tailored to customers’ requirements.

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