Foaming Agent for Lightweight Concrete

Concrete foaming agent also refers to an additive that reduces the surface tension by generating a lot uniform and stable foam.
This is the description of concrete foaming Agent:

Cement foaming Agent, also called foaming material for lightweight concrete, refers to an additive that lowers the liquid’s surface tension. It can produce large quantities of uniform, stable foam which is used for concrete production. This is a type of substance that makes its aqueous mixture generate large amounts of foam when mechanical forces are applied to it. A surfactant is also known as a surface-active substance. You can define the essential ingredient of foaming agents by their surface activity.

Concrete Foaming Agent Data:

Parameters Apperance Transparent liquid 20% 0.75-1.25 multiple ≥30 Bleeding rate (ml 27 Storage type

Place in a cool dark place.

Apply concrete foaming material:

Foaming agents are used for the manufacturing of roof insulation foam, floor insulation foam concrete thermal insulation layer, roof insulation foam concrete thermal insulation sheet, thermal insulation cushion and sound insulation foam.
Foaming agent foams cement, lime and stone powder.
Foam Concrete Manufacturing Operation Process:
1. You should weigh the foaming agents and add water 30 times to dilute them to create a foaming fluid.
2. Place the cement mixture, sand and rocks in each bowl of the mixer. Next, make concrete slurry.
3. Set up the foaming machine. The foam generator will convert the foaming liquor into foam.
4. Use the horizontal mixer to mix the foam according to its predetermined quantity.
5. Forward the foaming solution to the molding machine.

CLC’s foaming agent has many advantages:

High foaming,

Foam is fine and strong;

No bleeding.

Cement bonding is good.

Kit of concrete foaming agent:

25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel.

Concrete Foaming Agent Suppliers:

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