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Concrete hardener is used to speed cement hydration. It also helps concrete strength develop. Concrete Hardener has many applications. It can be used to accelerate the hydration of cement, and it can also be used as prefabricated elements.
1. Concrete Hardener: Product introduction
Concrete reinforcement , concrete strength, concrete hardener , refers to additives that improve the strength of concrete in its early stages.
Concrete Dryer purpose is to promote concrete strength and accelerate cement hydration. Concrete Hardener can often be found in cast-in, prefabricated, concrete, road, bridge, and other concrete projects.
Furthermore, the safety of all project personnel is directly affected through the use of concrete heaner.
2. Concrete Hardener has its advantages and disadvantages
You will be amazed at the strength of your early results.
This compliant strength for concrete1d125140%. It is 3d120130%. compressive concrete strength at 7 days110%.
Concrete Harener may reduce the construction timeline and help to increase formwork turnover.
Concrete Hardener may improve concrete’s workability as well as concrete’s resistance against frost.
Concrete Hardener doesn’t cause any harm, is non-flammable or corrosive and does not affect steel bars.

3. Concrete reinforcement applications
Concrete reinforcements can be extensively used in concrete cast-in-place projects or prefabricated components. They are also useful in concrete projects such roads, bridges, culverts, industrial buildings and civil buildings.

4. Things to be aware of and how concrete reinforcement is used
The concrete reinforce should be used at a dosage between 2 and 3 times the cement dosage. The average dose of reinforcement in cement is 2.5%.
This mixing method is available in three versions: The post-mixing (mixing) and Multiple Addition. Commonly, the product mixture is made with cement. It is then blended with aggregate.
Mix the ingredients with water. Continue mixing for another 30-60 seconds.
If you want to make sure the project is finished to your satisfaction, be sure to refer to the instruction manual.
In order to get accurate measurements, you must monitor the quantity of concrete and aggregates as well as water consumption.
Porous aggregates in concrete should first be added to the mix and then stirred.
Mechanical stirring is the best way to mix concrete reinforcement. For uniform mixing of concrete reinforcement, it is best to use manual stirring.
These products can be transported, transported and poured in the same manner as conventional concrete.
Please improve maintenance in line with relevant standards.

5. Packaging and storage for concrete reinforcement
The concrete reinforce package specification is 25kg/bag.
Place in a cool, dry place.
Moisture is important. This product only has a one-year shelf lifespan.
This product has a validity of 12 months and is eligible for continued use once the concrete test is passed.

6. For concrete reinforcement, safety information
Concrete reinforcement are nontoxic, nonirritating. They also don’t cause corrosion to steel bars.

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