What metal can withstand higher temperatures than tungsten?

What metal can resist higher temperatures than that of tungsten, and why?

Out of all the elements listed in the periodic list, tungsten’s melting point is highest at 3,422 (boiling points 5,930). Because of its high bond energy, tungsten melts at a much higher temperature than any other metal element.

Tungsten (elem. 74) is a VIB element of the sixth Period of The Periodic Table.

Other elements can, however, be exposed to higher temperatures. The solid phase of carbon will then go directly into the gas stage.

There are no metals that do not melt at 10000 degrees. Even alloys have this melting point. It is made out of hafnium carbide and tantalumcarbide (melting point close to 4000), which has a greater melting point that tungsten.

Keep in mind that the material’s melt point depends on how high the pressure is. Material becomes superfluid when this happens.
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