What is Zinc Sulfide ZnS Used For?

What is Zincsulfide ZnS pulver? Zincsulfide An organic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. Zinc Sulfide powder can be found in white, yellow or light-yellow. If the powder is exposed to sun, it will turn darker. Zinc sulfate is formed when the powder comes into contact with water. Dry air can make it stable. Soluble in dilute inorganic acid, soluble in alkali, insoluble in water. Zinc Sulfide SnS

ZnS could exist in many of the main crystal types. Duality is an example. The duality is an example of a form with a tetrahedral geometries. Also known as sphalerite, sphalerite has stable forms of cubicity. It is a hexagonal mineral known as sphalerite. However, artificial synthesizing it can be done. Temperature at which sphalerite becomes wurtzite can reach approximately 1020 degrees Celsius. Very rare is the tetragonal version of lithium manganese. Also known as lithium, ore. The formula for this mineral is ZnHg.

Zinc Sulfide Zinc SnS. Why It Is Useful

Chemically treated zinc sulfuride can also be used in paints and plastics. Zinc sulfuride can be white or opaque and is low insoluble with water, organic solvents, weak acids and other chemicals. This makes it an important paint pigment. Zinc sulfuride, America’s most significant pigment is behind titanium dioxide. It is used in Europe’s industrial sectors.

Zinc sulfuride could be called a bulk metal. Zinc sulfuride has a melting point of 1650. Mohs Hardness 3.0 accounts for 98% commercially-grade zinc sulfide. The refractive Index is 2.37. It is an excellent choice for plates, equipment, and wax papers with thin layers because of its wear resistance and high refractive Index.

Zinc sulfuride can dissolve easily, but it is also difficult to aggregate. It’s neutral in colour, and it has extraordinary optical properties. It’s used in the manufacture of flame retardant, thermosetting material, reinforced fiberglass and synthetic rubber.

Lightbulb material

Zinc Sulfide is zinc Sulfide with some parts of a suitable activater. Nikola Tesla, in 1893 wrote that the result showed strong bright phosphorescence. This is useful for many applications: cathode radiation tubes, Xray screen, objects that glow in dark and other purposes. The result is bright blue when it’s activated with silver. Its maximum size is 450nm. Maximum size of a manganese based activator is 590nm. This produces orange-red colours. This gives off an orange-red glow that lasts for quite some time. It is copper-doped Zinc Sulfide (“ZnS+Cu”) used in electroluminescent panels. Also, phosphorescence may be produced by impurities when the blue or ultraviolet light is used.

Optical materials

Zinc sulfuride can be used to transmit infrared wavelengths. It includes visible wavelengths up to 12 nanometers. This can be used for lenses or optical glass production. A microchip synthesizes zinc vapor with hydrogen sulfide. Cleartran is a trademark that allows for the transformation of this substance into transparent forms via heat isostatic tension. IRTRAN-2 was an early name for this material. The name has been changed to invalid.


Sachtolith can be described as a zinc-sulfuride. Zinc sulfuride has the ability to form lithopone with barium-sulfate.


To make hydrogen from water, fine ZnS is a good photocatalyst. For the production of zinc sulfuride, sulfur vacancies are needed. As the ZnS absorbs more light, it gets darker.

Semiconductor characteristics

Sphalerite, Wurtzite as well as other semiconductors all have large bands. These semiconductors which are generally II-VI in nature have very similar structures to those of gallium arsenide. Band gaps between ZnS, in either its cubic or hexagonal form, are about 3.91 EV @ 300 Kelvin. ZnS, a semiconductor of the P- and n-types that is capable of being used in doping, can also be used.

Zinc sulfide ZnS Powder Price

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