What is Nano Silver Good For?

Why is nanosilver so good? There’s a lot of industries using nanosilver like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. These nanoparticles have a very small size and may be up to 100 nanometers. The foundation of nanosilver are the Silver microparticles. These nanoparticles can be used as antibacterial/antifungal agents in industry, water treatment and consumer goods. They can be used as cleaning agents for cosmetics and clothing. Certain filter systems can purify groundwater with silver nanoparticles.

What does silver colloid consist of?

Silver solution and Coloidal Gold contain silver nanoparticles suspended in liquid base.

Do you think colloidal silver can be eaten?

If silver is consumed orally, the body may accumulate it. The body may become more silvery with time. This could cause bluish eyes and skin. This is called “argyria” in the medical world. It’s permanent.

Only in rare cases can colloidal silver cause seizures.

The interaction of coloidal silver with prescription drugs such as Quinolone Antibiotics, Quinolone Antibiotics and Quinolone Antibiotics may occur.

Colloidal Silber for healthy skin.

Colloid silver can be used as a treatment for wounds. It kills bacteria by breaking down proteins. However, silver isn’t an useful or recognized mineral. Orally, silver may permanently turn the skin blue. Also, oral silver can cause brain dysfunction.

Scientific research hasn’t supported colloidal sodium as an effective treatment for skin conditions like hay fever, infections and other skin problems. The effectiveness of colloidal sodium in COVID-19 therapy is yet to be proven. Coloidal sodium is not recommended to treat COVID-19.

The scientific evidence is not in support of the colloidal Silver supplementation for any type of disease.

Colloidal Silver Price

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