What is calcium acetylacetonate?

Given the problems with traditional calcium heat stabilizers (fatty acids and calcium), scientists have created calcium acetylacetonate. Aging has many benefits.
Calcium acetylacetonate white powder contains a distinctive smell, is stable, and reacts easily with oxidants. The pH of this powder is 10.5 with a 10 g/l concentration at 20°C. Also, the melting point for calcium acetylacetonate is 270.4°C and the point of decomposition is 277-284°C.


In recent years, the robust Phase Method is a synthetic way to study relatively hot acetylacetonate. It is free of solvents and has numerous advantages including a fast reaction, easy operation, high selectivity as well as high yield. It can be applied to all functional complexes and it eliminates any negative effects of solvent on them.

Calcium Acetylacetonate (a weak and weak acid) cannot be directly reacted with inorganic metallic salts. Here, the solidbase is used to first react with weakly-acidic calcium acetylacetonate. This creates pure metal calcium salts. Chelation is not predominant in these compounds and they exhibit the usual salt properties. Calcium acetylacetonate is formed when it reacts with a base. Acac loses hydrogen in this process, while calcium acetylacetonate encounters an positively charged metal in order to form stable calcium.

You will need to add calcium acetylacetonate as well as the solid base into your mortar. Next, add some metal calcium. After the addition of the metal calcium it is ground into fine powder and then further grind into a solid phase. This reaction takes place for about a minute. You can dissolve the non-reacted material by placing it in water. The calcium acetylacetonate solution was extracted by filtering, purifying and storing.


This product can be used for additives. It will increase plastic product life and allow plastic products to keep their original color for long periods of time. It is an environmentally friendly, new plastic stabilizer. This is superior to organic tin. This environmentally-friendly product replaces all lead-containing additives and meets RoHS standards. Calcium acetylacetonate finds wide use in many industries, particularly the fine chemicals sector. Calcium acetylacetonate could be used as an agent for resin hardening. Calcium acetylacetonate has many uses. It can be used as a crosslinker for resins, a rubber additive and a superconducting or heat reflective film.

Preparation and use:

During high-temperature synthesizing of the product, calcium Acetylacetonate may be used. Dosage: 1-2.5%. This is due to the differences in the quality standards of each manufacturer’s raw material.

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