What is Alumina Nanoparticle used for?

The coating material used to cover the diaphragm of a lithium-ion cell’s battery is Micro Allumina . This ceramic coating is heat resistant and insulates, protecting the battery from high temperatures or diaphragm melting. Materials for the cathode of lithium batteries

You can dope nanoalumina with lithium cobalt, lithium manganate or lithium potash to increase electrochemical specificity.


A porous material with high purity nanoalumina g has a surface area that is hundreds of metres per kilogram. This material has exceptional adsorption and is very active. The material is useful as both a catalyst for petrochemicals and in refining petroleum.

Powder coating Anti-caking:

With nano-alumina, you can put an end to the summer. To increase powder coatings’ fluffiness, nanometre aluminum trioxide is possible. This powder is excellent at preventing caking. Powder is stable in extreme temperature and high humidity.

Rubber and plastics:

The coating can be made more durable and resistant by adding 2-5% of nano-alumina. By creating a protective network around the paint, nano-alumina helps to prevent it from scratches and wear. Nanopaint has a three-fold higher scratch resistance than regular paint. Nanopaint is commonly used to paint cars like the GM-Aluminum Trioxide. You can increase the hardness of nanoaluminum triooxide by up to 6-7H. The transparency of coated surfaces is not affected by this.

Heat conductivity of rubber, plastics, adhesives or paint:

Alumina’s thermal conductivity (30 nanometers) includes one-crystal, high temperature conductivity and large-spherical filleding. Coupling agent and surface treatments can be used to improve the thermal conductivity. You can use them to improve compatibility with matrix material fillers and other materials.


Because of their purity, nano-alumina particles can be dispersed easily. Their uniform sizes make them popular. You can add 10% of the alumina to sintered ceramics to increase the forming pressure, and this could decrease the pores. This could also increase the density in blank ceramics.


It’s small in size and high in activity. It can decrease the grain size and density by adding 1-3%. Mixing 1-3% can reduce the grain size and matrix density. This can also improve mechanical and electrical properties.


This alumina particle can be polished due to their uniform sphericity. Polishing zinc takes very little time and does not leave any marks.

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