Tungsten Oxide Insulation Material Can Make The Sun Room Cool in Winter and Cool in Summer?

What’s tungsten oxide?
Tungsten oxide’s molecular formula is WO3 and has a 231.85 molecular weight.
It is a type tungstic andhydride. It includes tungsten dioxide as well as tungsten trioxide. There are currently no tungsten-dioxide products in industrial production. There are five types of tungsten-trioxide salts: tungstic, sodium, calcium, tungstates, ammonium partungstates, ammonium métatungstates and so on, depending upon the content.
Tungstentrioxide is an orange triclinic powder crystal. Tungsten trioxide turns to an orange tetragonal cristal when the temperature exceeds 740 ° C. The crystal then returns back to its normal state upon cooling. Stable in air. Melting point: 1473°C. Boiling point: 1750°C. Relative density: 7.16.
Tungsten dioxide is the most solid of all the tungsten oxides. It is insoluble with water and all inorganic, other than hydrofluoric acids. In hot concentrated sodium hydroxylide solution, and ammonia it forms soluble “tungstate”. You can lower the temperature to below 650°C by using H2. Or, you can use C at 1000-1100°C to get tungsten dust.
Applications of tungsten dioxide transparent insulation material:
Our home lives are made easier by smart homes. It’s also more energy efficient and greener, which makes it a very artistic way to live. The intelligent sun room should be no surprise. This is called intelligence. It can make the sun room work as a furnace in summer, and a refrigerator in winter. These transparent semiconductor materials (e.g. tungstenoxide transparent insulation materials) can “warm the room in winter” and make it cool in summer. My view is that air conditioning and floor heating are unnecessary. They can be used to improve the insulation from the ground.
It is the smart home concept. This idea has already penetrated our brains and been widely applied in everyday life. However, it has been difficult for the author to live an intelligent and fulfilling life. So, the typical home scene emerged: author went out on every occasion, only to suddenly remember that I had locked the door. Turn the air conditioner on. You won’t be able to survive this day if the air conditioner isn’t on. Be late for work if you go back. It’s time to switch to smart home! After you’ve locked your front door, switch the smart home scenario to an unmanned one. You will then turn off any power from the terminal block. Once the setting is complete, use the mobile app to verify that it has been confirmed. It’s that simple, smart home, which makes everyone feel calm and at ease, is what the author finds so satisfying.
A similar situation is to convert to the smart room. Low-e glass is now used in some sunrooms. A number of experiments were conducted to measure the UV and near-infrared blocking properties of single-sided and low-e coated glass. The infrared-blocking rate for the glass with the tungstenoxide nano-coating is 91%. While the UV blocking rate is 91%. 2. Low-e Glass has an infrared and ultraviolet blocking rate of 62.8%. UV blocking is at 56%. 3. The infrared-blocking rate for the glass with heatinsulating film is 59%. It has a 99.7% ultraviolet blocking rate. 4. Hollow tempered glasses have an infrared-blocking rate of 34.2%. UV blocking is at 23.5%. 5. Infrared blocking is only for single-sided glass. Its rate is 12.4%. UV blocking is 13.5%.
These data show that single-sided windows with nanotungsten or other oxides have the best results in blocking infrared and ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, single-sided ones with thermal insulation films and nano-tungsten are more effective. Double-sided, coated glass. But industry insiders state that UV blockers are harmful because of their bactericidal properties. This is why normal people use the sun to take pictures. We all know that sunlight provides energy for all living things on Earth. However, infrared light and ultraviolet rays from the sun are beneficial to the human body. The most scientific value is usually around 10%. It is therefore the best choice for both energy conservation and human health.
To put it another way, the tungsten carbon transparent insulation material has two major problems that have to be resolved immediately for energy-saving building glass. It is important to have high transparency. This means it has high visible light transmissance. It is also a good barrier for the infrared spectrum. This prevents sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface and helps to reduce energy consumption.
Additionally, the tungsten orange transparent heat insulation material does not require painting. The insulation material also offers safety features such as privacy protection, security, stain resistance. Self-cleaning, antiglare and anti-radiation are some of the other benefits. . Also, this type of insulation is made from tungsten-bronze, ITO (ATO), ATO (FTO), and other similar materials.
Tungsten-oxide insulation is not a product made from “black technology”, it is rather a result of scientific, technological and technological developments. Such transparent insulation materials, such as Tungsten oxide insulation, will undoubtedly be given greater attention today with the advocacy of energy saving and emission decrease and taking the path to sustainable development.

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