The Next Profit Margin in The Alumina Industry-Red Mud

China’s reform of the electrolytic aluminum supply chain and the significant expansion of foreign alumina’s production capacity in the future will lead to high profitability in the industry. However, emerging economies won’t be able to offset the drop in aluminum demand caused by China’s economic slowdown.

Since the Alumina Production Process has not changed over the decades, there is no way to expect the new profit banner except the full utilization of red/global mud.

Short description of red clay

An average of 1.5 tons was produced from each ton (about 0.088-22.5 mm) of alumina. This equates to a particle density of 0.8-1 m and a specific gravity of 2.7-2.9 g.

The Bayer method is still the predominant way to produce alumina in China. Bayer’s method has high iron and aluminum levels.
Second: The case study of Alumina Enterprises in the full utilization of Red Mud

1. Chinalco Shandong Branch. Data shows that Chinalco Shandong Branch’s red-mud utilization is at 25%. Chinalco Shandong Branch also has 12 million red-mud accumulated, which is the high utilization rates of China’s alumina businesses. Henan aluminum industry transformation and development action plan 2018-2025 clearly indicated that red mud’s comprehensive utilization rate will rise to 10% by 2020. The harm is incomparable. China’s redmud does not have a high enough utilization rate. It is used to prepare new coal-burning technology desulfurizer technology, high grade cement, highway subgrade, brick manufacturing, and water purifying agent.

2. Weiqiao Group. In 2018, approximately 20,000 tons was consumed by the Binzhou Section of Jiqing Excursion’s 5.3-kilometer roadway. The expressway’s kilometers can be consumed at least 200,000 tonnes of red, the provincial highways up to 60,000 and the municipal roads up to 20,000 tons. China and other countries have large roads in China. This makes the potential market for them very attractive.

3rd: A typical case for social forces that make extensive use of red mud

Shandong Satellite TV broadcasted on December 31, 2018 news about Zibo Tianzhirun Ecological Technology Co. Ltd.. They use large quantities (70,000 tons) of red earth to produce permeable walls. With a 90% redmud blending rate, the redmud permeable-brick project of the company was awarded the 2018 top ten innovation in Shandong Province. While the firm’s boss was more than 30M, Zui only had 2 houses. This is not a global problem.

This isn’t just an indication of how the Inner Mongolian firms have spent hundreds upon billions in order to create alumina from fly ash. But there has been no breakthrough.
Fourth – The complete red mud usage recommendations

Most red mud used for cement production (for roadbeds) and permeable mortar production (for brick production) is at the moment. Each option has its pros and cons. Even though cement technology is now mature, the cement plant is close by and there is significant roadbed consumption. However, this is not the case for areas that are economically well-off. Permeable bricks production in the country can still be encouraged. The drawback is that permeable bricks are less expensive within 800km.

China’s complete utilization rate of its red mud alumina is quite low. Our utilization rate of red mud isn’t worse than other countries. But, in the long-term we cannot compare ourselves with countries like foreign ones. China’s new era in alumina has begun, and our company is now fully utilizing the red mud. The company’s market position will be transformed by the profit margin.

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