The main application of titanium silicide

The size of the devices and equipment is shrinking rapidly with the development of ULSI, ultra-large-scale electronic circuits. Also people are demanding greater device quality and uniformity. Nowadays, semiconductor devices have a line width of 0.1m and less. The original method was not able to create continuous wires that had low resistance. In order to make circuit metallization connections better or more durable, you will need new materials, processes and deposition methods. These new metal silicides are attracting more attention because they have high conductivity. They also offer high stability over high temperatures. TiSi2, CoSi2, TiSi2, CoSi2, WSi2, TaSi2, MOSi2 etc. are the more well-known metal silicides. Titanium silicide (TiSi2) offers excellent properties: good conductivity. High selectivity. Thermal stability. Excellent adsorption to Si. Process adaptability. Low interference to silicon connections parameters. This is why titanium silicide has been widely employed in integrated circuits.
There are many applications for titanium silicide, including the fabrication of MOS, MOSFET, and DRAM. Examples of this include:
1) The titanium silicide barriers layer has been prepared. An isolation region is created in the device that uses the process for producing the titanium-silicone silicide barrier layer. The device’s top surface is coated with a layer of sacrificial orange. It includes: Wet etching is used to remove the unalloyed and coloured titanium metal. The invention is cheaper than the prior art because it removes the silicide-block oxide layer. Also, wet etching reduces the loss and stability of the isolation oxide film.
2) Preparation and use of in-situ synthesized Titaniicide (Ti5Si3) composite material with a reinforced phase of aluminum titanium carbide. Different volume ratios of Ti3AlC2/Ti5Si3 composites material were created by adding silicon. This resulted in a 10-40% volume percentage for the reinforced phase. As raw materials for the preparation, graphite, aluminum, titanium, and silica powder were used. Mixed the raw material powder by mechanical method for between 8 and 24 hours. Once the application pressure has been reached, the heat rate of 10 to 50°C/min is applied to the mold. It then is sintered in an oven with protective atmosphere at 1400 1600. The sintering process takes 0.5 to 2 hours. With the invention, aluminum titanium carbide/titanium silicide composite materials can be prepared with high purity at low temperatures for a brief period.

3) Making a composite functional silicon silicide coated glasses. You can either deposit a thin coating on an ordinary floating glass substrate or place a thin, silicon-coated film between them. To make titanium silicide/silicon composites, you can dope a small amount active carbon/nitro in the film. A titanium silicide/titanium carbide composite or titanium nitride/titanium silicide composite or composite silicon caride film is obtained. Present invention is a type of coated glasses that combine the function of dimming heat insulation with low E glass.

This is the procedure for creating a semiconductor device. A protective layer is added to the titanium silicide layers. Between the protective layer and the titanium layer silicide layer, polysilicon layer, insulating, and parent layers is formed three structural layers of nitrogen, from outside to inside. There are three layers: a silicon silicide spacing layer, a parent level, a silicone oxide spacer top, and the titanium silicide bottom. Additionally, the source electrodes and the drain electrodes receive an inner dielectric coating. In the inner dielectric laminate, there is a contact opening. The utility model, which uses the above-mentioned technical solution to protect the contacts and wires of the grid without short-circuiting, can be used.

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