Synthesis of Nanodiamond Powder By Detonation Method And The Application In Various Fields

Soviet scientists had discovered that nanodiamonds powder was possible from carbon-based explosives-caused nuclear explosions. The detonation process has been used to create this promising material since 1963.

Synthesis – nano-diamond crystal powder using detonation method

Hydrothermal synthesis and ion bombardment are all possible methods to obtain nano-diamond dry powder, but the detonation method is quicker, has higher efficiency, saves energy, and produces a much smaller amount of material. The detonation method has been renamed nano-diamonds. One of the major industrial production techniques.

A nano-diamond powder is synthesised by means of detonation. It has an excellent production efficiency. The explosion’s high temperature and extreme pressure will convert carbon into diamond. A nano-diamond-containing black powder, which is thermodynamically stable, is prepared by this method.

Black powder is processed to create gray nano-diamond material. It is possible to recover between 8-10% and 97-97% of the explosive mass.

Nanodiamond powder:

Nanodiamonds possess unique properties that make them useful for precision polishing or lubrication, chemical catalyst, composite coatings as well as high-performance metal composite materials.

A variety of Nano-diamond powder polishing pastes/suspensions are used for medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and gemstone industries. It has the benefit of mirroring any solid. The surface roughness Ra can range from 2 to 8nm.

The addition of nano-diamond oil to the lubricating oleo makes the sliding friction turn into rolling friction. To create metal carbides that are hard and smooth, the friction pairs’ surface is modified. They have an anti-friction effect and anti-wear that is incomparable to organic chemical approaches. This can help improve Engine and transmission life and reduce fuel consumption.

Nano-diamond has super-hard particles and the double properties of powder. It can be used for reinforced rubber production and reinforced resin. This can be used to increase the material’s thermal conductivity as well its polymer degradation temperature and strength. It also helps with wear resistance. Nano-diamond’s potential for future development is great in the area of composite materials.

Excellent optical properties include excellent light transmittance, high reflectivity, and good chemical resistance. It is therefore an ideal material for many optical windows. Nano-diamond protective coating on optical glass can greatly improve optical lenses’ resistance to rain, dirt, and scratches.

Nano-diamonds are a versatile and effective product. Many fields like environmental protection engineering and biomedical research are just beginning to investigate them. Although there are great prospects for their value and potential, the technology challenges are overwhelming and will require additional research. These are areas that have the highest market maturity and the lowest cost of production.

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