Superconducting materials – A sign of new material

There has been a long history in the development and discovery of superconducting metals. This discovery, in 1911, has attracted attention from researchers around the world. While it was able to make significant advances in its research, the limitations of its applications and development is because of its nature and the requirement for an environment within the liquid ammonia temperature zones. From 1986 until the discovery in high temperature superconducting minerals (HTS), superconducting technologies were only at research stages. They never reached application development.

After over twenty years of hard work, high temperature superconducting substances and related science have rapidly been created and are being used in various fields, such as power, transportation, medical, and even medicine. Because superconducting is an emerging technology in science and technology today, it has great potential for commercialization, strategic significance, and broad applicability. A new industrial revolution will undoubtedly result from the widespread adoption of superconducting technologies and their wide use.
Application status of superconducting materials at high temperatures
HTS material applications can generally be divided into strong and weak current categories. All superconducting uses are built on the characteristics of zero resistance, complete diamagnetism, and superconductors’ high critical current density. Most superconducting applications are dependent on the energy gap, tunnel and magnetic flux. Strong electric fields like power systems are the main use of HTS strip and blocks. While superconducting, thin-film HTS is mostly used to make superconducting, quantum interference devices. These devices have large application areas in weak electric forces.
Use status for high temperature superconducting materials within the field of strong electricity
HTS superconducting minerals were found to have special applicability properties. Application research for high power began in the early 1990s. Early work focused mainly on the production of high temperature superconducting conducting conductors. Presently, the use of superconducting materials at high temperatures has led to significant advances in energy and transportation as well high energy physics.

(1) Used for power energy it can be used as HTS Cable, HTS Transformer, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, Superconducting Flywheel Energy Storage, HTS Motor, HTS Generator, or HTS Current Lead in Test and Development Stage.

HTS maglev train and superconducting magnetic propulsion ship have been successfully invented in transportation. HTS technology may also be employed in electric cars and airplanes as horizontal or vertical transportation options.

(3) biological medicine was widely used for superconducting Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device and has developed superconducting Nuclear Magnetic Reconnaissance Spectrometer, superconducting Pions Generator. This generator will also have a superconducting magnet and strong magnetic field. These magnetized waters are used in health care and agriculture, and can be used to promote growth and metabolic rate of crops and livestock, as well as treatment and prevention of various diseases.
Furthermore, high energy physics research is often used as a detector magnet magnet transport magnet and an accelerating magnet. In military field superconducting tech is extensively used as an electromagnetic gun and superconducting las weapon. These advantages include low cost, eliminating deadzone, low remanence, weak targets signal characteristics, reliability and system security. It is of critical strategic significance for national defense because superconducting arms and equipment play a crucial role. The current international circumstances make it reasonable to suppose that superconducting research in the military area will see more attention.

Application Status of High-Temperature Superconducting Materials within the Fields of Weak Electricity
There are many uses for high temperature superconducting metals in the fields of weak current and strong magnetic field, especially in electronics or communication.

(1) Superconducting electronics uses SQUID inductors as well as superconducting computer in various fields, including space, earthquake prediction, and military.

(2)HTS filters are made for mobile communications. One example is superconducting filters. These filter have many benefits, including a very high signal-to–noise ratio and steep band edge. Additionally, they are highly selective and offer strong anti–interference capabilities. 3G coverage will extend to all of Japan’s prefectures as well, the majority of counties and municipalities, along with major highways and picturesque spots. In the future, there will be more than 400 000 3C base stations. To build a network you will also need 4C network design, network optimization, and upgrading. The market for 10 million will grow if superconducting screens are used in 20% of new basestations.

(3)There are other weak currents such as superconducting-gyroscopes for large vessels and submarines, modern aviation and inertial Navigation, and superconducting shielding for research and military use.
After 20 years of work, the technology used to prepare high-temperature superconducting substances has reached maturity and can now be industrialized and applied on large scale. With the new development trends of energy conservation and environmental protection as well as new materials and energy, the potential applications and markets for high temperature supraconducting products are immense. High-temperature superconducting and related materials are also in strong demand. To make high-temperature superconducting metals practical again, it will require the cooperation of government agencies as well scientific research centers and companies.
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