Study on production technology of spherical graphite

Flake graphite formed naturally under very high temperature and extreme pressure. Natural flake graphite’s crystallinity can be very good. The degree of graphitization in the negative electrode material may reach as high as 365mAH/g. This makes it possible to mass produce lithium-ion aode materials. China’s graphite industries have seen rapid growth in production and processing of spherical products. There is now an increasing trend.
Spherical and high-quality graphite are made with natural high carbon flake graphite. They use advanced processing technology for modifying the surface of graphite. These graphite products have elliptical shapes and are made with different grades of graphite.

Spherical graphite is made using advanced technology. The graphite product will have a different shape and fineness. Flake graphite can be also used to create spherical or sphere graphite. This technology has a relatively high processing rate.
1. Recombination for fine particles
Fine particle compounds are the use of equipment that can be used to compound fine powder particles.
2. Wet grinding.
Wet grinding the ore of spherical-graphite preparation can speed up the production process, decrease production costs, and increase production yields.
3. High-energy ball grinding, special crushing, and classification.
A combination of high-energy crushing and grinding processes and special crushing, grading and crushing can promote the spheroidization and formation of cryptocrystalline Graphite. The graphite that forms are smooth and uniform in size, however there are subtle differences.
Processing mechanism for Spherical Graphite. First the raw flake graphite should be crushed down to size. Second, the de-cornerization process must take place. Third, the grading tool is used in order to de-angle the small spherical particles. Finally the fine powder that has been removed during the process can be separated and separated to produce spherical or normal graphite.
First, the choice for graphite materials.
A good quality raw material must have a proper particle size. A coarser material will result in a higher cost. However, finer materials will have a lower output rate. Also, too many auxiliary items will raise the cost of raw material. According to research, it is preferable to produce spherical Graphite from raw materials having a particle size between -100 and -100 mm.
But carbon content is another important aspect. The raw material cost will rise if the carbon content is higher. As the carbon content decreases, so will the number of purification passes. This will lead to equipment wearing faster and higher costs. The total cost will be the least if 95% to 96% are used in practice.
2. The choice of the spherical processing equipment

The air flow vortex crush is widely used in the process of making spherical graphite. You should also pay close attention to how the grading equipment is selected. This will have an impact on the yield and technical indicators of spheroidized Graphite.
(2) A lot of lithium ion batteries require graphite as anode materials with a purity level above 99.95%. This makes the whole production process crucial and essential. Chemical purification methods are currently the best method to make high-purity hexagonal graphite. Since chemical raw material are made up of strong acid substances, it is essential that purification equipment be acid-resistant or corrosion-resistant. Equipment must have high resistance because chemical purification happens at a temperature.
(3) After the chemical reactions are completed, the impurities of the spherical graphite in the reaction mixture are dissolved. These impurities can only be removed through washing. The two main kinds of washing equipment that are used in this process include a filter press or a centrifuge. A filter press has several advantages: high recycling rate, reduced running material, easy to use, safety, and simple operation. It has the disadvantage of a poor washing performance and no wash angle. There are many advantages to using the centrifuge, including the fact that washing results in sufficient water and good quality. But there are many disadvantages, too. For example, running material is more dense, waste is greater, labor intensity is higher at the discharge point, safety and ease-of-infeelity of the filter press, as well as less wash time. The combination of the two can work well.
(4) Dry the Spherical graphite following purification. Secondary pollution during drying can be a problem. The spherical-graphite’s ability to withstand drying will suffer due to secondary contamination. Drying equipment includes drying kilns and microwave dryers.

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