Study On Niobium Carbide Properties And NbC Application

Nickelium carbide, a cubic green crystal with metallicluster, belongs to the sodium chloride type cubic crystals system. Niobium carbide, an iron carbide of the chemical NbC.

Niobium Carbide Characteristics

Niobium carbide has a melting temperature of 3500. Niobium carbonide has an elastic module of 338000N / mm2, a thermal expand coefficient of 6.6510 / K, a Thermal Conductivity of 14 w/(m K) and a resistivity value of 35 cm.

Cold and hot sulfuric acid, cold and warm hydrochloric acid, as well hot hydrofluoric acids and nitric a mixed solution, insoluble. It can be stored at 1000 11100 and rapidly becomes niobium toxide over 1100. You can mix it with zirconium and titanium carbide to make niobium pentoxide, which forms a solid solution.


Composite material 1.NbC applications


Composite ceramics

Multiphase ceramic materials made from manufactured materials include the raw material for multiphase clay materials. These materials are frequently used to make wear-resistant tools, cutting parts, and electrodes.

(2) Hard alloy

The ability to form a dispersed third phase can increase resistance to heat shock and the thermal hardness. You can use niobium carbonide to make hard alloy cutting tool materials that have excellent cutting performance.

(3) Surfacing electron

So the structure and wear resistance of the welding layers is significantly improved by the inclusion of the hard, niobium carbide, hard phase. The electrode surfacing wear resistance is 1.5 1.8 times stronger than that from quenched steel (HRC50), while 2.4 3.6 times higher for the Fe-Cro-C-B-type wear-resistant alloy.

(4) Aerospace components

It is also used as a preparation material for components of numerous aerospace equipments. This includes turbine rotors.

2. NbC applications in coating material

(1) A mold steel coating

Niobium carbonide, which is a metallic carbide, has high hardness as well heat and abrasion resistance. This can make the surface of the mold more resistant to wear.

(2) Treatment of metal pieces

The layer of Niobium Carbide is placed on top of the base metal workpiece. This significantly improves its surface hardness which can reach up to HV2800. In addition, it increases the working temperature of the workpiece and reduces tissue density. Thus, it extends its service life.

(3) Various niobium carbide coatings

Niobium carbide is used to coat high temperature parts of the spacecraft, which increases their useful life. An ultra-fine coating of cobalt-containing, niobium carbonide makes up the inner layer of electron emission tubes. This material is widely used in electronics.

3. NbC applications in the fabrication of metal-niobium

The country uses indirect reduction to make metallic niobium. As a reducing agent, the produced niobium caride reacts with niobium peoxide to give rise to crude metallic. After that, the refined niobium can be obtained with greater purity. Additionally, niobium carbide can reduce niobium pentoxide directly to create pure metal.

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