Research On Amorphous Boron Powder Property And Application In Metallurgy And Aerospace

The earth’s crust holds 0.001% boron. Boron is either a black, silver-gray, or mixed solid. It is hardier than diamond but is black crystal boron. Also, the texture of crystalline is fragile. Boron is named after Arabic “flux”. The ancient Arabs understood that borax could be used to melt metals oxides.

Boron can come in a brown or black color. The boron trioxide films that form during air oxidation prevent the internal boron from further oxidizing. Boron powder is able to react with fluorine in normal conditions without being corroded either by hydrochloric Acid or hydrofluoric Acid aqueous solution. Boron does not dissolve in water. But powdered, boron is readily soluble when heated with sulfuric and nitric acid.

Amorphous boron possesses more active chemical properties than crystallized elemental. It is often substituted for diamonds to cut tools and bits because of its hardness. As a deoxidizer in metal smelting, some boron is also added. To prevent the metal from burning at high temperatures, and to enhance the metallic properties, the alloy forms. In the case of boron, copper can be used as a control rod for atomic-reactors.

Amorphous, boron-powder will quickly become an essential energy material. The potential for its use in composite solid cars has been evaluated. For solid fuels, boron has a calorific factor that is nearly double that it of carbon. Aluminum and magnesium have similar values, but boron offers more energy than either. The volumetric value of boron has almost tripled that of other hydrocarbon fuels. However, it’s density is only slightly higher than aluminum.

Amorphousboron powder is the most calorific. Boron, in terms of its energy, should be the top non-metal gasoline. The ignition temperature of amorphousboron can be greatly reduced due to its complex shape and large area.

Application of amorphous Borosilicate

1. Boron should provide the highest energy density for all pyrotechnic and additives. A result of its large specific surface and irregular shapes, the ignition temp of boron is significantly lower.

2. Boron powder is an essential raw material in high-purity BORN HAIDE production.

3. An oxygen-free copper deoxidizer for smelting. A small amount of Boron powder can be added during metal smelting to act as a deoxidizer.

4. You can use them as an alloy component to special metal products.

5. Boron powder may also be used for welding purposes

6. Solid rocket fuel

7. Car airbag trigger;

8. Magnesium-carbon Brick Additif for Steelmaking High-Temperature Furnace;

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