New flexible microprocessor: made of ultra-thin two-dimensional material molybdenum disulfide

It is possible to make microprocessors from ultra-thin two-dimensional material with an atomic thickness. Also, they can advance the development of microprocessors. Researchers from Vienna University of Technology have achieved breakthroughs in the field. The EU’s graphene-based flagship project is expected to help further develop applications like the Internet of Things.
One definition of “two-dimensional material”, is a material that has the capability to move freely (planar action) within two dimensions. These include graphene. Boron nitride. Transition metal compounds.
A two-dimensional substance is one that is composed of many layers of atoms. We have previously focused on graphene as a classic example. Some graphene-like materials such as transition metal sulfide compounds are also two-dimensional. They are compact in size, easy to handle, and lightweight. .
These microprocessors form the basis of modern electronics. They can be used in consumer electronics (smart phones, home appliances and watches), or for high-tech products (supercomputers, auto engine controls, CNC machine tool, missile precision guidance) that are all dependent on microprocessors.
A microprocessor is usually composed of one- or two large-scale embedded circuits. It can read and interpret instructions as well as exchange data between external memory and logic elements.
Dr. Thomas Mueller of Vienna’s Photonics Institute studies two-dimensional materials. For the manufacture of future microprocessors and integrated circuits, Mueller believes two-dimensional materials can be used as a platform. Molybdenum dioxide (MoS2), a combination of molybdenum molecules and sulfur atoms is only three-atom thick, making it an ideal two-dimensional material.
In order to make a transistor out of two-dimensional “molybdenum sulfide”, he led the Technical University of Vienna‚Äôs research team. These 115 transistors make up a new type microprocessor. This new type of microprocessor, which can currently perform one bit logic operation, is likely to be expanded to multibit operation in the near future.
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