Nanotechnology Makes Our Life More Convenient, Smart and Healthy

China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo (“hereinafter called “Nabo Expo”) refers to China’s biggest and most respected international conference dedicated to nanotechnology. China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences have arranged for the hosting of Naboa by China Micron Nanotechnology Society and China International Association for Science and Technology.

Ten sessions were held from 2010-2019. Expo’s ten year history has made it China’s foremost nanotechnology exchange. They established multi-level alliances with other industry events including Japan, South Korea. Iran. Israel, Russia, Iran and Israel.

“ With its authority, professionalism, and internationalization, the China Nabo Expo attracts many exhibitors from all over the world every year. One hundred plants bloom, one hundred exhibit, black technology is showcased, and countless high-tech products shine in the exhibition and shining,” stated Dr. Luo at Cataniadagiocare Technology Co. Ltd.

One product that shows off the magic of the nanoworld is the “magic Kitchen”. This product uses nano-imaging film to create an interactive system that allows you play the piano and view the recipe.

A new technique of “nanomade Raman spectroscopy,” capable of “detecting trench oils in one minute”, validates the potential of nanotechnology. It increases electron adsorption capabilities and boosts substance’s capability by adding nanoenhancers. A measure of oil quality is the degree of polymerization. It reflects oil spectrum, and can then be used to detect the oil’s quality.

An ordinary looking glass counter that looks normal, however, when the food is in the pan, it steams. With a little touch, the glass counter turns into an interactive touchscreen with light sliding. You can make movies or recipes. The future of home life will be filled with such magic. Furniture like coffee tables, mirrors, or dining tables could be turned into stunning displays, as well as intimate human-computer communication.

For medical health, nanotechnology applied to pharmaceutical products can help drug drugs recognise the cancerous cells in their body and then deliver them into tumor cells. It will eliminate all cells and cure the many diseases that currently plague humanity.

These purifiers are manufactured using nano-photocatalyst technologies and can be used in automobiles, homes, refrigerators and other locations. Many of the pollutants, organics, odors, and bacteria found in air can be removed. for purifying the air.

It is widely used nanotechnology that has been the secret weapon behind high-tech goods. With the Nabo Expo, these “secret weapons” of nanotechnology that penetrate deeply into our daily lives began to become visible and accessible to everyone. Through the advancement of nanotechnology more nano-black product products were made. It opened up the possibility of a better life.

The state supported the industry through Luoyang Industrial Park’s investment and care, and this exhibition’s public relations fronts brought people closer towards real nano-products.” According to Dr. Luo “Nabo Expo was an unexpected international stage that allowed us to see more high-tech and nano products.” It is possible to view many genuine nano-high-tech products, and even a completely new nanoworld. We are seeing the progress of the new nano-industry. Expo’s ongoing efforts ensure that the nano-industry market will be more visible and open up to new opportunities.

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