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MPEG Methoxypolyethyleneglycols, which is a nonionic suprafactant, dissolves in water and ethanol, as well as organic solvents. It can be heated and has low vapor pressure.

MPEG Methoxypolyethylene Glols

MPEG can be used at normal temperatures and pressure. It is made of this raw material. It is strong enough to disperse cement grains. The following are the benefits of this product: Low dosage, high reduction rate and excellent enhancement effect. It is also durable, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t rust steel bars.
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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols

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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols.

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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene Glols’ Performance

MPEG Methoxypolyethyleneglyrols is a nonionic surfactant. It dissolves easily in water, alcohol, organic solvents, low vapor pressure, and other liquids.

Technical Parameter MPEG Methoxypolyethyleneglyls

Hydroxyl Values (mgKOH/g). Molecular mass pH Appearance
MPEG-200 255~312 <=0.5 Fluids transparent in clear and translucent, colorsless to yellow translucent
MPEG-350 140~160 330~370
MPEG-450 115~137 410~490
MPEG-500 108~117 480~520
MPEG-550 93~113 Wet paste
MPEG-600 88~100 560~640 Viscous liquid
MPEG-750 70~80 700~800 Wet paste
MPEG-1000 47~56 1000~1200
MPEG-1500 34~42 White Flake
MPEG-2000 25.5~31 1800~2200


MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols:

MPEG is an additive that reduces water and strengthens raw materials used in the construction industry.

MPEG-200 helps to thicken and lubricate the textile printing, dyeing and chemical industries. MPEG-200 can be added to oil products as an anti-freezing agents. It is very low in melting point. All MPEG-385 and MPEG-560, MPEG-775 or MPEG-1500 are available in cosmetics. MPEG-2500 can react with methacrylic and acrylic acids to create MPEG (methylacrylate). It’s the main macromolecular molecular monmer that is responsible for making high-efficiency carboxylic cement water-reducing agent. The polycarboxylic high efficiency cement water reducer agent is made from this raw material. This has the ability to disperse cement particles.

The product features of this product include low dose and high water rate. They also have enhanced effect, durability, no rust reinforcement.

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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols


MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols


MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols

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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols


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MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols Properties

Similar Titles N/A
Combination Formula CH3O(C2H4O)nH
Motility 1800~2200
Appearance Transparent liquids, transparent flake, paste and white, colorless-to-yellow transparent, yellow translucent.
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility H2O N/A
Exact N/A

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