Molybdenum disulfide nanoelectromechanical system: ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-low power consumption

Graphene has been widely utilized in diverse fields as a two-dimensional material. This makes it a highly desired commodity by scientists and industries. Now, let’s clarify what two-dimensional materials are. A two-dimensional material refers to materials in that electrons can move freely (planarmotion) on non-nanoscale (between 1 and 100 nm) in both two dimensions. These materials include: graphene; boron nutride; transition metal compounds, (disulfide); Molybdenum; tungsten-disulfide; tungsten-disilicide; black phosphorus and others.
2D materials offer many potential applications. This combination of introductions gives us examples such as spintronics (printed electronics), flexible electronics, and memory. , quantum dots, sensors, semiconductor manufacturing, NFC, medical, etc.

Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) – a common two-dimensional materials – is also worth attention. Molybdenum dioxide is composed of both a molybdenum, as well as a sulfur atom. This material has an atomic thickness of just three. It is about the same thickness as graphene. But molybdenum sulfide’s band gap at 1.8 eV is larger than graphene. To this end, the author mentioned that the Berkeley Lab, US Department of Energy, has determined the band gap of the semiconductor disulfide molybdenum.

The electron mobility of molybdenum-dioxide is 100 cm 2/vs. That’s 100 electrons per square millimeter per voltage, but it’s still much higher than the crystal. The electron transfer rate for silicon is approximately 1400 cm2/vs. However, it has a much higher rate of migration than the ultra-thin and amorphous semiconductors.

Molybdenum dioxide is an excellent choice for application in transistors. Flexible electronics, LEDs. lasers. Solar cells.
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