Magical Catalyst Potassium Oleate

Magical Catalyst Potassium Oleate

Potassium Oleate is an potassium catalyst. It is most commonly used as a catalyst to the reaction polyisoprene and polyurethane. You could also use it to make detergents, emulsifiers, or other such things.

Melting point: 235 – 240oC. Boiling point: 360oC @ 760mmHg

Oleic acid can be described as a liquid that has a carboxylCOOH at its end. To make oleic acid, potassium is first added directly. A displacement reaction then occurs which produces hydrogen and potassium. The industry uses the saponification technique primarily. You can use potassium hydroxide in the saponification of oils, such as butter oil and sheep oil.

1. Calculate MOL ratios of roughly 1:1.1 for oleic acids: potassium hydroxide.

2. KOH can then be reduced to 20 percent and heat to 80 degrees.

3. Continue to stir the oleic- acid mixture.

4. Continue to cook after you have added the ingredients.

5. That is it. You now have a potassium oleate mixture.

Potassium Oleate can then be classified according their useful contents. While the majority of market have a potassium-oleate concentration of 30% at the moment, this can be changed depending on the needs of different markets. The state of potassium will change if it is constantly increasing, as well as its potassium content. Once it has exceeded 80% it turns into a paste. Higher levels will cause it to become stable like a block of powder. It can also, depending on specific requirements, produce an environmentally friendly potassium oxide solution. For example, it may be colorless or have a low odor.


This is used to clean and emulsify. This ingredient is found in creams as well shampoos. However, it exhibits high emulsifying effectiveness and can form calcium soap easily with hard water. It’s also a good fiber softener.

It is a potassium catalyst and is frequently used in polyisocyanate foam reactions.
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