Lithium Stearate and Lithium Grease Overview

Lithium Octadecanoic also known as lithium-octadecanoic has a white powdery structure and is extremely stable to average temperatures and pressure. Insoluble with ethylacetate. The water solubility for this product is 0.09g/100ml. Colloids are formed when mineral oil is used. Molten point 220.0-221.5°C. Commonly used as a stabilizer and lubricant. To make a lithium-based oil, a high-viscosity synthetic lubricating fluid or medium-viscosity mineral can be thickened using lithium stearate.

Performance Properties

(1) Oil thickened with lithiumstearate. There is only one intersecting temperature. While the initial temperature is from pseudo-gel status to gel, the second transition temperature is (That is, between the gel states and the sol states) is more than 170 °C.

(2) A grease made with lithiumstearate and thickened can be seen under an electron microscope. It forms a double stranded, intertwined ribbon that is extremely stable.

(3) Calculation of heat of alkanes adsorption using lithium 12-hydroxystearate/litio stearate through gas chromatography and binding strength lithium 12-hydroxypalmitate/litio stearate onto the surface soap fiber. The liquid phase bonding strength within the crystal lattice of lithium stearate thickened grease is therefore greater.

(4) Due to the low water solubility of the alkali-metal, oils thickened with lithium Stearate have excellent water resistance. They can also be used for contact parts with water.

It is capable of thickening mineral oil and synthetic oil. This means that lithium-based grease may reduce thickening doses by up to 1/3. Service life can also be extended one order of magnitude. The number of times it is used to thicken grease can be more than double. Many lithium-based oils are made from lithium 12-hydroxy stearate soot. The grease can be used to lubricate bearings in automobiles, aircrafts, tanks, machines tools and many other types of mechanical equipment.

1 Introduction

All-purpose liquid lithium grease is made out of lithium soap, thickened in medium viscosity mineral oils and an anti-oxidation/rust additive.

2. Performance

(l) Excellent resistance to rust and water. It can be used to protect wet and damaged parts.

It exhibits excellent mechanical stability as well as colloidal stability. The grease doesn’t get ruined or thinned under mechanical shearing at high speeds.

(3) Extreme heat resistance with a high drop point. It can be used under higher temperatures.

3. Use

A long-lasting multi-purpose oil, universal lithium grease can be replaced by calcium-based or sodium-based lubricants. It offers excellent water resistance, mechanical stability as well as rust resistance. These include cars, tractor-wheel bearings, motors of all sizes, pumps, and blowers. They are suitable for use with mining machinery, autos, tractor bearings, large or medium engines, as well as other equipment.

4. Notes

(l) To avoid oil precipitation, grease with a general purpose lithium-based formula should not come in large quantities. The oil may be used at room temperature if it is small.

(2) Do NOT mix with other fats.

II Automotive, general-purpose liquid lithium grease

l. Introduction

All-purpose general-purpose lithium grease can be made by thickening the fatty soap with low condensation oil and adding antioxidants and rust inhibitors.

2. Performance

(1) It’s extremely water-resistant and rust resistant and can be used to clean wet parts.

(3) It exhibits excellent mechanical stability. This grease won’t deteriorate or become lost under high-speed machine shearing.

3. Use

Liquid for automotive general purpose is ideal for oiling friction parts in automobiles such as chassis bearings, hub bearings, water pumps, and the wheel bearings for tanks. The current used calcium-based fats, complex calcium, greases have a two-fold longer oil change period, less wear, and fewer options. More than 40 %.

can help reduce the maintenance and lubrication cost of cars that are used from the colder zones to the tropicals.

4. Notes

(l) When it’s not in use, clean the bearing. Once the bearing is dried, pour the grease into both the inner and outer raceways.

(2) It is important to keep the grease container clean.

3) After it has been activated, you should seal the container tightly.

l. Introduction

This synthetic lithium-based grease is created by thickening a medium viscosity petroleum oil with lithiumstearate. It can be divided according to the penetration of oil into four grades: ZL-2H, ZL-3H, ZL-4H.

2. Performance

. (l) The

has a degree of water resistance. It is suitable for use on both wet and dry parts.

(2) It is very stable mechanically.

(3) Great drop point and heat resistance.

3. Use

This synthetic lithium grease has a very long life span and is extremely versatile. It can be used for the lubrication on rolling and sliding friction components of various mechanical machinery with temperatures from -20°C up to 120°C. These include cars, tractor-wheel bearings, small and large motors, pumps or blowers. They are also ideal for mining machinery, cars, tractor-wheel bearings, large or medium engines, and all other types of equipment. It is able to be used for an extended period of time in temperatures up to 120°C.

4. Notes

It’s simple to extract oil from the large container. You can use a very small amount of oil to make it work, provided you stir well.

(2) It can not be mixed or combined with other greases.
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