Knowledge You Should Know About Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 Powder

What does Ca3N2 actually look like?
Calcium nitride (or calcium nitride) is a hard brown nitride. Calcium nitride can be found in various forms. The more common form, -calcium nutride is most often encountered. Calcium Nitride powder has high purity characteristics and uniform particle size distribution.

1. The powder form of Calcium Nitride Ca3N2
Ca3N2 also forms in the presence of CaO when calcium burns. In a pure nitrogen stream heat the distilled fibrous metal calcium to 450. Then, after three to four hours, the metallic calcium is nitrided with calcium nitride.

The colour of calcium nitride depends on whether it has been prepared at different temperatures. Since calcium nitride reacts with moisture or water to form calcium hydroxide and/or ammonia it’s easy to determine the exact source.

2. Ca3N2 powder with chemical and physical characteristics
Calcium Nitride is a brown-colored crystal. It is known as CAS 12013-82-0. It has a molare mass of 148.248 mgmol1. It can form a dark, milky or yellow-colored hexagonal crystal depending on its conditions. Its crystal structure, however, is cubic. Additionally, it will transform into –calcium nutride (Ca3N2) at 700. -calcium nutride adopts an antibixbyite design, which is very similar to MnO. But, the positions of the electrons are reversed. The ionic bond for Ca3N2: Calcium Nitride.

Calcium nitride dissolves in water to make calcium hydroxide. It is easily soluble in dilute alcohol and can also be decomposed by anhydrous ethanol. The chemical reaction with hydrogen can make calcium-hydride and calcium-amide.

3. Ca3N2 powder can be used in a variety of ways
Calcium nitride plays an important role in the chemical and industrial industries. Where is calcium nutride useful? These interstitials nitrides, which are chemically inert and can withstand high temperatures well, have numerous high-temperature uses, including as catalysts and reaction vessels. It is possible to produce reactive nitrideions from calcium nitride. Calcium hydride, which can be created by heating calcium nutride with hydrogen at temperatures over 350°C, is also possible.
Ca3N2 should be written exactly like N2Ca3 Why then can Ca3N2 never be written as N2Ca3 again? The negative must always be first. Writing formulas to create ionic compounds requires that you follow two guidelines. It has to do both with charges, the other with which atoms to write first.
Calcium hydride works as a reducer, desiccant, and chemical analysis reagent. It is used to make powder metallurgy. If heated to 600-1000 degrees, you can make it into a powder by adding zirconium, hafnium, or niobium to get the corresponding metal metal.

What is the difference between calcium and Nitrogen?
Calcium nitride can be used as a hydrogen storage medium. Hydrogen energy is a pollution-free energy source that can also be utilized as an ideal renewable resource.

High-end high-end fertilizers are made of calcium nitride. These phosphors can be used at higher temperatures or humidity to improve their performance and stability.

Finally, calcium nitride is also a useful chemical treating agent. This helps to determine the performance of water-based muds.

4. Is Ca3N2 powder toxic?
Ca3N2 can also cause severe skin reactions and damage to eyes if exposed for too long. You should avoid excessive exposure to Ca3N2 as it can ignite and cause fires.

5. How to store Ca3N2 black powder
Calcium nitride calcium Ca3N2 should be stored dry, in a cool, sealed place, and kept away from the elements. Also, protect the powder from excessive pressure.

6. What price is Ca3N2 powder at?
According to market conditions, Ca3N2’s price could vary from 80 up to $260. Cataniadagiocare is available to provide you with the most recent Ca3N2 pricing if Ca3N2 is needed in large quantities.

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