Indium Tin Oxide Formula

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a transparent conductive oxide made from the composition of tin (IV) oxide and indium (III) oxide. It is one of the most common transparent conducting oxides, and is widely used in a variety of applications. ITO has been used as a high work function electrode in a range of optoelectronic devices.

Indium tin oxide can be manufactured as a thin film, which is usually sprayed onto glass. These films have excellent optical and electrical properties. They are commonly used in displays, touch panels and electronic meters.

Nano-scale indium tin compound is used for solar conversion substrates and radiation protection. The material has good thermal and electrical insulation properties and is highly conductive. The use of indium tin oxide in solar cells is facilitated by its unique properties as a thin film.

ITO can also be used in EMI shielding. Because of its good conductivity and optical transparency, it is used as a conductive coating in electronics. Since its optically-transparent nature, ITO is often used to make transparent conductive coatings for displays, such as plasma and touch panels.

Indium tin oxide is a relatively inexpensive material. It is a mixture of tin and indium, with a typical atomic composition of 90% indium and 10% tin. This combination provides a wide band gap, which increases its conductive properties.

It can be produced in different forms, including a chunk that can be thermally evaporated, or a powder that can be easily deposited. Typically, the ratio of indium and tin oxide is adjusted to suit various applications.

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