How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings?

You can find many properties in nano silica, which are not found in conventional materials. Due to its numerous micropores, the nano silica particle distribution is very narrow. Nano silica has high activity due to the large amount of unsaturated residue bond and hydroxyl groups at various bonding state. The optical properties of nanosilica are extraordinary due to their high visible and ultraviolet light reflections. How does Nano Silica alter the properties of coatings? Modifications To Waterborne Coatings

Low water resistance and stability are also added, along with high corrosion.

Antibacterial and/or self cleaning coatings are possible.

Modification to wall coating

Addition of

The coating can be used for water resistance, storage stability and sun protection. This coating reduces spatter, flow hanging, and other construction problems.

Modifications to Acrylic paint

Other: Additions to: Wear resistance and toughness, poor mechanical property, flexibility

Film has improved mechanical properties, such as hardness, tensile force, scratch resistance, and toughness. With better decorative performance, the film is smoother, harder, and more delicate than it was before.


In addition, it is difficult for film to yellow due to UV radiation.

Additional features include hard wear resistance and strong adhesion.

Nano Silica Price

Prices can be affected depending on the supply and demand of services and industry trends. It is important to consider economic activity and market sentiment.

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Nano Silica Supplier

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