How about the tungsten alloy made of tungsten powder?

What’s tungsten powder?

Tungsten powder

Reduced with hydrogen in either a four tube muffle furnace (using tungsten dioxide as the raw material) or multi-tube furnace (using tungstenoxide). It has a particle size of 0.6-30 microns. It can be divided into medium, fine and coarse particles. It is determined using the national standard for impurity. The impurity content is determined by the national standard. Preparing tungsten powder using hydrogen reduction generally involves two steps. In the first, there is a reduction in tungsten trioxide into tungsten dioxide at 500700oC. In the second stage of the process, tungsten dioxide is reduced to powder at 700900oC. Most commonly, the reduction reaction takes place in either a tubular electric oven or a Rotary furnace. It is important to know the performance characteristics of the reduced powder tungsten (such as its purity, size and composition). It all depends on how the reduction is done. Tubular furnaces can reduce tungsten to a powder. The process parameters that determine the reduction rate include the reduction temperature, the amount tungsten oxide in burning boats, burning boat speed, flow rate of hydrogen, and moisture in hydrogen. As the reduction temperature increases, the size of the tungsten particles becomes smaller.

Standard properties of tungsten-powder

The oxygen content in tungsten powder should not exceed a specified limit. There are also certain specifications regarding the impurity level. The common tungsten particle size is approximately 210 times that of the Fisher size m.m. Most tungsten particles are polygonal in shape. The specific surface area of the tungsten powder, its bulk density, and tap density also have a range. These properties have a direct impact on the production of high-quality tungsten materials as well as the quality of the tungsten powder products metallurgy. Tungsten powder has three types: purity, size and uses. In the beginning, tungsten-reduced tungsten slurry was divided into three grades according the chemical purity. Japan established the JISH2116-1979 industrial standard for Tungsten Powder. France, Britain and many other countries have their own unified national standards. For tungsten powder manufactured in China, Technical Conditions for Hydrogen Reduction (GB3458-82) has been formulated. This standard defines the properties and class grades of tungsten dust. The standard specifies inspection methods and acceptance rules. It also covers transportation, storage, packaging, transport, and shipping. You can request tungsten powder to be made according to your requirements.

Use of tungsten poudre

Processing powder metallurgy items and tungsten alloys begins with tungsten powder. You can make your tungsten powder into wires, tubes, plates, or other materials. Mixed tungsten powder can make a number of different tungsten alloys. These include tungsten molybdenum, tungsten-rhenium and tungsten copper. The tungsten-powder can also be used in making tungsten carbide powder. This is useful for turning tools, drilling tools, and other tools that use cemented carbide such as milling cutters.

The price of tungsten dust

Price will depend on the quality and size of the tungsten powder particles. The purchase volume may also have an effect on how much tungsten powder is purchased. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the cost of tungsten powder.

Tungsten powder supplier

The Advanc3dmaterials Advanced Material Nano Technology Co. Ltd.

Luoyang City is located in China’s Henan Province. (Advanc3dmaterials). This company supplies and manufactures high-quality chemical materials worldwide. They have more than 12 years experience producing high quality chemical materials and nanotechnology products, such as tungsten, nitride and graphite powders, sulfide and 3D printing powders. We are happy to help you find high-quality, affordable tungsten powder.

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