Hafnium Boride HfB2 Powder Used As Ultra-high Temperature Materials And Aerospace Materials

Hafnium boridide is a metallic gray luster crystal. The melting point for hafnium boride at 3250 is high. Chemical formula HfB2 has an extremely high electrical conductivity. A room temperature reaction with hafnium boreide, other than HF, is not possible. The preparation involves heating rhenium dioxide with boron powder or boron caride. It is a heat-resistant alloy that can withstand high temperatures.

Hafnium disboride has a high melting temperature, high hardness. Also, it is very electrically and thermally conductive. It can be used to make superhard materials, electrodes and neutron absorb materials.

With advances in material technology, the hafnium dimoride ceramics applications and those of composite materials have expanded. Securing low-cost, high-quality scandium Diboride Powder is an important direction of research both at home or abroad.
Hafnium borid is difficult and expensive to sinter. It must also be obtained ultra-fine powder in order to increase the performance. Although it has excellent performance and can disperse easily during processing, nanometer powder’s cost is prohibitive. There is increasing interest in the micron quality hafnium borid paper.

Intel research team says that the storage probe sends data bits information to a ferroelectric disk with a few millimeters area. By sending electric pulses in an instant, the ferroelectric substance is permanent polarized to enable data storage.

Given the speed at which data is read and written and the sheer number of sensors, the probe array of the memories must be moved rapidly and regularly on the ferroelectric sheet. This will lead to the film surface becoming worn. This could seriously decrease the accuracy of your probe.

For this reason, researchers applied a layer diboride ( HTML2) to the probe. The coating of hafnium triboride reduces the wear speed and allows the read/write probe to travel up 8km with extremely high accuracy read/write.

Intel’s new memory is packed with so many sensors and electronic chips that it will offer a poor storage capacity. Although the device can store over 1TB of data per square in, Intel has yet not revealed how much.

Intel’s electronic probe-based, commercial storage technology research has led to a huge breakthrough. The technology can store much more data than any existing SSD hard drives.

“The HfB2 powder we have produced is an extremely high-temperature ceramic material.” Professor Luo, who hails from Cataniadagiocare Technology Co.,Ltd, states, “Our hafniumboride is high in hardness, modulus, high thermalconductive and high electric conductivity, which makes it widely used as a wear-resistant coating, cutting tool, or aerospace thermal protection system.”

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