Excellent Performance of Gold Colloidal Solution, Especially The Nano Gold Skin Care

A colloidal form of small-sized gold particles, called colloidal silver nanoparticles. It is made of very tiny gold particles that have dielectric properties and high electron density. You can make various sizes of colloidal golden nanoparticles by using chloroauric Acid. The colour varies from purple to red depending on what size you choose.

This is due to the unique optical characteristics of gold nanoparticles. This is due to the unique optical characteristics of nano gold. Nano gold has the ability to repair, anti-aging, and freckle as well as its remarkable beauty properties. The majority of current nano-gold cosmetic products are now infused with gold nanospheres. Gold nanospheres can improve cell energy by up to 68%.

A gold colloidal solution makes use of high-purity raw materials. Special new technology allows for the reduction of gold particle sizes to below 15nm. This improves many of its intrinsic properties such as dispersion effects, free radical removal effect, catalytic effect, etc.

One way to get switch-function gadgets with high performance and reconfigurable materials is by using the stimulus-response method of assembly nanoparticles. Light-controlled reversible assemblies of nanoparticles have attracted special attention.

Surface chemical modification is required to confer photoresponsiveness on inorganic Nanoparticles.

All-Gold Nanoparticle Solution has these characteristics:

Efficient catalysis

Free radical removal

Antibacterial effect

Exceptionally strong antioxidant power

to stimulate metabolism

Corrosion Resistance

Abrasion resistance

Anticorrosive performance

No skin allergies

This is the third effect of adding gold colloidal to cosmetics.

1. Promoting absorption with high levels of absorption

Even active gold has strong conductivity. Because of its unique nature, active gold’s introduction has the ability to promote metabolism and stimulate epidermal cells. The active ingredient may be absorbed into the skin. This can significantly improve skin’s ability to retain and absorb nutrients.

2. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging;

You can activate your skin’s fibrous tissue with gold foil using negative ion active. The skin will also be activated by the positive ions. It increases blood circulation and helps to reduce the activity of free-radicals.

3. Firm and wrinkles

It is possible for the silver foil to release natural active ingredients through its surface. This can improve the skin’s texture and firmness as well activating metabolism.

Nutri Gold is widely used:

Coloring agents to color food, glass, or organisms.

Identification technology to identify genetic genes.


to purify products used in environmental purification.

Preservatives in Foods and Cosmetics.

Add to cosmetics to serve a function in whitening, antiaging, and emollient.

The production of antibacterial, antibacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory medicines, medical equipment, supplies for health, and cosmetics.

Manufacturing of many daily necessities such as food, drinks and beverages. That are intimately related to people’s daily lives.

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