Excellent Performance of Boron Nitride Lubricants

First, let’s talk about lubricating. These grease-based oils play an essential part in machinery and equipment operation. Technology has brought about unique changes in the manufacturing industry, as well as aerospace and defense technology. The requirements of lubricants are more complex (high, low, fast, heavy load. vacuum. corrosion. ).

The discovery of solid lubricants has resulted in graphite (molybdenum disulfide), etc. Are becoming increasingly popular, such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide. This solid lubricant is unique in its performance. It has also been used for research and development.

Hexagonalboron-nitride (also known as white graphite), is widely used in industries to make various types of lubricants. Hexagonalboron nitride can also serve as a lubricant.

The excellent lubricating characteristics and high-temperature stability of boron nutride lubricant are superior to those of traditional carbon black and graphite. They also increase mold productivity, the quality of product, the rate of product qualification, the level of release agent used, and provide economic advantages. Furthermore, boron Nitride Lubricant reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing and ensures the product is clean.

Addition of Boron Nitride Lubricant to Si3N4 will significantly increase the wear performance as well as friction. As the amount of boron nutride lubricant increased, the friction coefficient decreased from 0.3 up to 0.4 down to 0.01. Si3N4-20% ceramic composite with boron nutride has the best friction, wear and performance. Boron is an excellent lubricant that can be used with friction resistant materials, self-lubricating functional materials, as it reduces wear, stabilizes the friction coefficient, lowers temperature sensitivity, and decreases speed, pressure, high temperature, and other sensitivity.

Boron nutride lubricants exhibit the following properties: Excellent high temperature resistance and Oxidation stability; low friction coefficient; strong load capacity; No carbonization, coking, or loss at higher temperatures; good water resistance.

Boron nuitride lubricants work well for lubricating high-temperature and high-load low-speed parts. These include high-temperature bearings or bolts, fasteners. joints and sliding surfaces.

Boron nutride lubricant allows for the oiling of high temperature bearings as well as sliding parts. This includes heating furnaces. It prevents high-temperature adhesion by lubricating bolts and screw assemblies.

Boron dioxide is not only stable to organic solvents but it also has its own lubricating properties. The fact that boron nutride may react with organic solvents is not a concern. However, this could adversely affect the product’s performance. It is also easy to machine the white block that forms from hot pressing and then sintering the boron nutride powder, simplifying the manufacturing process.

Boron Nitride Use Lubricants is just one of many aspects. It is possible to use boron nutride powder as a spray on graphite pads, containers, or other metal heat treating equipment for corrosion and heat resistance. To prevent metal and alloy carburizing, as well to eliminate the problems of wetting graphite and the binder.

In the meantime, it is also useful as a release agent in glass molding and orange paint. It also works well with metal wire drawing oils and other pressure-processing lubricants. To make self-lubricating powdermetallurgy products that can be used in oil-free bearings. Sliding materials, contacts and more, boron nutride is added to copper, aluminium, brass, and any other metal powders. Boron dioxide has many strengths in its performance. This makes it a good choice for lubricating, heat-resistant, corrosion resistant materials and electrical materials.

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