Cool 3D printing takes you through different technologies

Polyester powder printing by SLS
Nylon sintering uses spread powder stick. Once one section has been scanned, the control system adjusts the laser beam to match the contours of each cross section. Next, the laying roll applies a layer dense, uniform powder to that cross section to complete the model.
Material: nylon, nylon-based fibers, etc.

3D printed SLM-metal
Metal sintering involves selective laser processing.
Materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel die steel, titanium alloy, etc

SLA laser-photocuring process
You should fill a tank with photosensitive liquid. At the beginning, it is necessary to place the lifting platform at the level of one-half inch below the liquid surface. By focusing the laser beam under control of the computer scan along the liquid substrate according to section contour requirements. Once the resin has cured, the sheet can be lowered to expose the new liquid resin to allow for another laser scanning cure. This layer of liquid resin is then adhered to the first one.
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