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C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate (non-ionic): This active agent is non-ionic and has great wettability, solubilization, and permeability. Hard water resistance is another benefit. The Active Matter Content is >=99

Alcohol ethoxylate, C8-10

There are many uses for C8-10 Alcoethoxylatesorbitol, but they’re most often used in detergents or as surfactants due to their effectiveness at cleaning oily soils.

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate

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C8-10 Although alcohol ethoxylate may be dissolvable in water, it will not gel.

It is very soluble, water-resistant and permeable. It dissolves similarly to an organic solvent and can erase marker writing.

Technical Parameter: C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate

Product Name Cloud point Active matter Appearance
C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate 65-70[E] 6.0-7.0 >=99 Clear or slight colored liquids


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate:

Textile processing uses C8-10 alcohol ethoxylate also called Alcohol Ethoxylate. This penetrant is used to: size, desizing, bleaching; scouring; and carbonization. This penetrant can be used to degrease or as a leather lubricant. It is able to clean wool very well and can remove most types of oils. You can use industrial formulations that have C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate as well as hard surface cleaners and degreasing agent.

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate Properties

Related Titles N/A
Compound Formula RO-(CH2CH2O)n-H R=C8-10 n=4
Motility N/A
Appearance Clear or slight colored liquids
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility H2O N/A
Exact mapping N/A

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