Boron nitride – One of the hot spots in the field of materials

Because of its unusual properties (large specific surface area, large pore size, excellent chemical stability, good thermal stability), porous bore nitride continues to be a popular non-oxide materials.
Porousboron nitride, which is a novel type of non-oxide porous substance, can be described as a brand new material. You will find either open or interpenetrating pores within the interior. It features a dense pore structure and high specific surface. It is customizable in terms of pore size and chemical properties. You will enjoy a high rate, excellent insulation performance, and hydrophobic property.
Furthermore, porous Boron Nitride Materials have special hydrogenation characteristics and select adsorption qualities. This makes them great for applications in hydrogen storage, gas Adsorption and Separation. According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry’s definition of porous material, they can be divided into 3 categories based upon their pore: micropores (0-2 nm), mesopores (0-2-50 nm), and macropores (10-50 nm).


Use the space restriction function on the template to control the structure of pores and make a templating procedure.

It is possible to order mesoporous materials using the soft template process. This supramolecular aggregate is composed of an amphiphilic segment copolymerization. It is then used to create a template. A boron nutride precursor is assembled by non-covalent bond interactions and then pyrolyzed. 1a).

Hard templates

A hard template technique is used to make ordered mesoporous Boron Nitride Materials. The porous structure is used as the template. Next, a boron nutride precursor is introduced through impregnation into the pores. Boron nitride can then be synthesized via pyrolysis. 1b).

The displacement reaction between carbon template, boron, and nitrogen under high temperatures results in the creation of porous, porous, boron nitride, and porous, boron carbon. By controlling the reaction temp, you can control the product’s carbon contents. Lower reaction temperatures mean lower carbon. This is a simple method for making boron nitride porous. However, the reaction temperature must be high and energy consumption high.

Microporous boron nitride material

Microporousboron Nitride Material has small pores, but uniform sizes. These can easily be achieved by directly pyrolyzing an appropriate precursor. There are many other applications.

Mesoporous boron nitride material

This porous boron nutride material is known as Mesoporous. It features a small pore, large surface area, and good chemical properties. It can be used in both gas adsorption (catalysis) and other areas.

Ordered mesoporousboron-nitride product

Ordered mesoporous natural boron nutride material exhibits a regular arrangement for pore structure, large specific surface, narrow pore sizes distribution, and broad application prospects. In order to synthesize ordered mesoporous and boron nutride materials, the majority of them use a template process. Mesoporous Silicon or mesoporous Carbon are generally used for a template. A boron nutride precursor is then used to impregnate the pores to make an ordered mesoporous benzoin nitride. Morphology for mesoporousboron nitride is directly affected in part by the template’s pore structure, and the level of impregnation.

Disordered mesoporous, boron-nitride materials

The pores of disordered-mesoporous mesoporousboron nitride are difficult to find and have wide pore sizes. Material can be prepared with either a template process, a high pressure react method, or by direct pyrolytic production.

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