Application and Market Analysis of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon Nitride Powder Property
A covalent bond compound consisting of silicon nitride and nitrogen (Si3N4). It was found in 1857, and it was commercially produced as a ceramic material by 1955. Silicon nitride is used extensively in aviation, military and other mechanical applications.

preparation of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon nitride material is first prepared by obtaining silicon nutride powder. Once the powder has been obtained, then molds, sintering or any other processes can be used to create the desired silicon nanorode ceramic. These methods include the following: silicon powder, liquid phase reactions method, self-propagating higher temperature synthesis method.
You can form silicon nitride ceramics by using dry pressing or cold isostatic presses. Tape casting is another process. And hot pressing sintering is hot, isostatic and spark plasma.

Silicon Nitride Ceramics Application for Mechanical Industry

Silicon nitride cermics are most commonly used in mechanical industries as valves.

A silicon nitride bearing bearing ball can move at speeds as fast as 600000 revolutions/minute when used. These bearings are most often used in precision machines, motorized high-speed spindles bearings, aerospace engines as well as other equipment bearings.

Low density silicon-nitride ceramic bearings ball provides superior performance to steel balls.

Dense Si3N4 ceramics show high fracture toughness. high modulus, and self-lubricity. These characteristics allow them to withstand various wear environments, such as high temperatures and large temperature differences.

Silicon Nitride Market Analysis

Japanese Kyocera are the main producers of high quality silicon nitride products. European and American companies are equally dominant.

According to MARKETSANDMARKETS the global market research firm, silicon nitride, the market is set to expand at a compound annual increase rate of 5.8% in the next five years (2020-2027). It will be worth $149 Million by 2027.

HTML4-Powder Price

The market’s supply and need, the industry trends, the economic activity of the economy, as well unexpected events, all influence how much the price will go up or down.
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