Aluminum Stearate and Aluminum Bis-stearate

Aluminum stearate has a color of yellowish white, which is toxic. For the decomposition of strong acid into stearic Acid and the associated salt. It acts as a heat stabilizer, lubricant, and anti-settling agent for polyvinylchloride liquid plastics. It is a saturated oil, which is very safe to human bodies. The aluminum ion, however, is toxic.
Aluminium monostearate or aluminum stearate may be used for the preparation. Aluminum stearate will also need to contain aluminum salt. Aluminum bis-stearate offers the best performance, and is widely used.
Aluminum bis-stearate
Aluminum bis-stearate powder is white with a molecular number of 610.93. CAS number 300-92-5. The material could pose dangers to the surrounding environment. It is recommended that you pay close attention to the water source.
This product has low levels of toxicity. It is also protected by low toxicity chemical protective methods.
Preservation method: This product’s toxicity is very low and it can be kept safe by chemical protection systems that are generally low in toxicity.
Synthetic method is the mixing of excess sodium hydroxide and molten acid to form soap. A dilute aluminum-sulfate solution is then added to the soap to produce a soap. It’s then washed and dried. Raw material consumption quota: 860kg/t stearic acid; 630kg/t aluminum sulfate (95%); solid alkali, (95%) 210kg/t.

The main function:
   1. Aluminum bisstearate is used in metal rust inhibitors. Aluminum stearate functions as a thickness and smoothing agent in coatings. Furthermore, aluminum stearate has the ability to improve the thixotropy.
   2. As a waterproofing agent, plastic auiliaries, or lubricant;
   3. It also serves as a heat stabilizer and lubricant to PVC plastics.
   4. Oil field operations use this product as a lubricant agent release agent. The raw material for metal corrosion inhibitors, waterproofing compounds for building materials, polishing and ink lubricants, thickeners cosmetics, etc. Aluminium bis-stearate has been used to smoothen and thicken coatings and it also increases the thixotropy.
   5. As a powder ingredient in cosmetics.
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